Turn data into actionable insights

with our bespoke solutions

Data analytics

We develop algorithms and data analysis pipelines that derive insights from your data, drive decision making and improve operational efficiency.

Machine learning

We create customized machine learning solutions that will help you gaining insights into your research question or product. From classical to end-to-end machine learning, we develop the most appropriate solution for your data.

Design of experiment

We help you optimizing your experimental design to get the most out of your budget.

Valuing new assets

We determine the cure potential of new molecules, assess the economic value with respect to standards of care.

Clinical and non-clinical statistics

We offer trial design, shelf-life stability analysis, sampling strategy for out-of-spec-detection, and technical batch failure assessment.


We combine biological and technical risks, as well as economic hurdles, and determine the Net-Present-Value (NPV) of new interventions.

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